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A Day in Rome

Rome, a city that goes back to the early days of civilization, continues to thrive and captivate people from all over the planet. Known as "the eternal city," Rome is unique in the fact that it has been built up on top of itself, constantly expanding and changing while still remaining ancient and filled with history.

I've been to Rome several times, meeting friends from the States or rendezvousing with European colleagues, but some of my favorite moments have also been spent wondering the city by myself. Taking my time, I stroll from piazza to piazza, uncovering small shops filled with antiques or stumbling into a grand palazzo with world renowned art collections hidden behind its imposing stone facade. Getting lost in Rome is not something I fear--it is something I welcome. If at any moment I feel overwhelmed, all I must do to remedy the situation is find a gelato stand (which isn't difficult to do, thankfully). With my favorite flavor in hand (pistachio--YUM), I simply turn the corner and select a spot to perch.

The Italian lifestyle is so relaxed, which can often be frustrating for foreigners who are used to speedy service and quick answers. However, once I am on Italian soil, I adopt the Italian ways and take it easy. An entire afternoon can be spent sitting at an outdoor cafe with a glass (who am I kidding, BOTTLE) of red wine and partaking in my favorite sport, people-watching. Between the people, the architecture, food and wine, Rome is a feast for the senses.

I invite you to enjoy a brief photo-journal from a lovely day I spent in Rome. If you're planning a trip to Italy, I highly suggest adding on a day or two in Rome. Conveniently placed, Rome is the ideal start or finish for a trip to Tuscany.

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