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They say curiosity killed the cat…well thank heavens I’m not a cat or I’d have used all nine of my lives by now. My pursuit of living a full life has led to a variety of interesting experiences both personally and professionally.

My love for beauty guided me to start an interior decorating company while my interest in history fostered a lifelong passion for antiques. As a result, I’ve built an ecommerce business, selling antique & decorative items. Each antique piece tells a story and I’ve also taken on the role of storyteller by creating original content as a freelancer for a television program I developed (for an NBC affiliate), as well as by writing blogs, articles, and website content for clients.

I've worked with companies such as Macy's, HMR Designs Chicago, and Europe’s largest antiques touring & sourcing company The Antiques Diva & Co. This has allowed me to incorporate another passion, travel, into my work life.

I believe that work can and should be fun and productive! Whether running my online antique business or working as a Creative Consultant for a client, my goals are to solve problems, enhance peoples’ experiences, and make the process enjoyable. Optimism and a positive attitude are two of my greatest strengths when it comes to meeting the challenges presented to me.

For inquiries, please email me here. I am always open to new opportunities and collaborations. 

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