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A Chic Lounge

While researching projects for clients, I often come across certain pieces that just catch my eye. I save them in my files under "dream," in the hopes that one day I will be collaborating with a client who will want to use them. I typically categorize them under tabs like "lighting," "case pieces," "seating," etc. But sometimes I file them in style folders. Here, I want to share a folder (which is still evolving) that I call "A Chic Lounge." I think the following pieces could all be used together to create a very chic lounge space, be it in a private residence, hotel, restaurant, or public space. I hope you enjoy!

Calypso Cabinet- I think this would be perfect to use as a TV console (with plenty of storage for electronics) or as a bar (again, with storage for bottles, glassware, etc). With it's antiqued mirrored finish and brass details, it's classic and modern all at once!

Dion Mirror- A rectangle antiqued mirror with gold leafed wood edges would be ideal above the Calypso bar. How chic!

This Pagoda Shelf would add an exotic flair to the room. The black finish helps ground the space, while the gold accents tie it in with everything else. Whether it's used to hold decorative accessories, books, or something else, this shelf is a statement piece. Why not have two of them flanking a doorway?

Speaking of pairs, this pair of 19th century sofas from 1stdibs have clean lines, yet feel traditional. I would love to see them facing each other in front of a fireplace.

This pair of Harvey Probber Swivel Lounge Chairs would look great with a cocktail table in between them...such as.....

Conrad Coffee Table- With it's white lacquer tray and gold leafed Greek Key base, this table ties in with the room, while giving it some edge!

For another seating group, I'd pair this very chic vintage Vladimir Kagan Serpentine Cloud Sofa on Brass Bases with these chairs....

Pair of rare and chic Modernist French chairs. These just add that "It" factor which makes the space cool. Again, the brass ties them in with other elements in the room.

This pair of Barrel-Back Club Chairs with Walnut Trim and Smoked Platinum Velvet are so chic! I would love to see them across the room, in their own little tete-a-tete space, perhaps with a champagne stand nearby...

The Cubo reverse mirror side table could fit anywhere in this room. It's got a gold leafed base, which connects it to the other pieces.

For the bar area, I would use several of these Hazel barstools. Constructed of brass and leather upholstery, they are the epitome of chic! The black leather would tie these in with the black Pagoda shelf. (They also come in dining chairs and several upholstery options).

The Florko Chandelier pulls everything together with its brass finish and round shape. It's almost organic.

Oh, how I adore the Iveala Single Sconce by Aerin Lauder, available at Neiman Marcus. I would use several of these sconces in the room, allowing the glow of the alabaster to illuminate the space.

Every lounge needs a desk, and the Vanessa Desk with its white lacquer and brass hardware works perfectly here. It relates to the coffee table I mentioned earlier.

What's a desk without a chair?! I'd use this vintage French Modern Brass, Stainless Steel and Grey Lounge Armchair at the desk. Yummy!

What about a chair to perch on while you wait for your friend to bring in the martinis? This Mid-Century Floating Swivel Chair on Lucite Base in the Manner of Vladimir Kagan is your answer. How chic?!

The Bernard White Lacquer Cabinet could be used for extra storage or even as a side table. If I were placing it against a wall on either side of a sofa, I would hang this mirror above it....

This Federal Antiqued Mirror bridges the gap between classic and modern design. I also love how the round lines mimic the sconces I used earlier.

Need a couple more seats? Think outside the box. Pull up this pair of Frank Kyle Mexican Modernist Rosewood, Brass and Wicker Lounge Chairs to any seating group and watch this formal space get a little more relaxed...but still remain chic!

Again, this is just a collection of some of my favorite things that would work well together. Of course, I would add in original art and some color, along with carpets, additional lighting, accessories, plants, and wallpaper. But I think these lay the groundwork for a chic lounge if I do say so myself! Who is ready to throw a party in this "dream" space?!

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