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Junior League of High Point 2015 Showhouse

Hello Friends!

I’ve just attended the opening party of the Junior League of High Point 2015 Showhouse and want to share some of the things that inspired me. The party itself was fabulous, but with Traditional Home Magazine as the host, I expected nothing less! So many industry colleagues in one house is bound to spark interesting conversations and create powerful synergy. But back to the rooms…

I had three main take aways from touring the showhouse. First, that color is back in a big way. Every room celebrated vibrant hues and the designers featured very clear colors in the spaces—think kelley green, cobalt blue, magenta, lemon yellow. As someone who typically works in neutrals, namely black, white, gray, and beige, using more colors is something I want to embrace.

The second thing I noticed was a boldness in mixing patterns and textures. While this principle is nothing new in the design world, it is as if the envelope has been pushed even further in the showhouse—and pushed successfully, I might add. Wallpaper in several rooms set the tone with patterns from Chinoiserie to dalmatian to textural wall coverings. Striped rugs, intricately patterned curtains, and custom lampshades all play well together in the same room and create an exciting feast for the eyes. The key is to get the right scale when mixing patterns. I’m going to try and be a bit more bold in my own home as I’m planning to redecorate this summer. I was particularly smitten with a 2nd story bedroom by Parker Kennedy Living. They used the same wallpaper on the walls as well as the slanted ceiling. I have an upstairs bedroom in my house that’s very similarly proportioned with the sloped ceilings and I think I’m going to try this approach.

The third thing I am taking away from the showhouse is that I want to master the art of mixing modern and traditional. It’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, but I want to do it better. These designers used sleek ultra chic furniture with antique artwork and accessories—and it works.

All in all, this showhouse is a reflection of the way we live now. I can’t wait to take these inspirations and use them in my own home as well as my clients’ homes. It’s time to start living our best lives now!

Happy decorating,

Andrew Skipper

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